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Bicycle baskets were not the first product Wald invented. Rather, it was a bicycle tire repair tool. But it didn't take long for Grandpa Ewald and Uncle Herman to recognize what a difference the bicycle basket could be.

Nobody quite remembers exactly when or why, but one day Grandpa Ewald and Uncle Herman decided it was time to move on. The little shop Wald Cycle Company grew up in served the brothers well. The people of Sheboygan, Wisconsin loved their two-wheeled citizens, but Grandpa and Uncle Herman needed something new. A new product idea was always welcome, but this itch needed a bigger scratch. They had greater aspirations for their business.

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September 17, 2013
1392 Front Basket
1392 Front Basket

Our popular #139 baskets now come with 2-piece adjustable legs and are available for purchase in our web store.  These shallow baskets are great for carrying notebooks, boxes and other articles that lie flat.

August 26, 2013
3339 Multi-Fit Front Basket & Rack Combo
3339 Multi-Fit Front Basket & Rack Combo

Announcing the new Wald Multi-fit Bicycle Rack and Quick-Release Basket Combo: 
Wald 3339GB Black and 3339WH White

This product offers the convenience of two products in one: the Wald small multi-fit front bicycle rack, and our quick-release basket for take-it-with-you ease.

Urban Velo

December 1, 2014
After more than seven years, Urban Velo printed its 45th and final regularly scheduled issue. Since 2007, the publication has documented bicycle culture in cities around the world. Urban Velo not only reflected the state of city cycling, it encouraged a global cycling culture. While the mainstream cycling media barely took notice, Urban Velo’s founders [...]
December 1, 2014
Issue #45 – Available Online
Contents Include: Classics Bronx Club, Product Reviews, The Comedown, Grave Consequences, Product Spotlight, Product Reviews, and I Love Riding in the City. Download it for free online.