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I purchased a Wald basket/training wheels/etc. and a piece is missing, what do I do?
For missing parts, please use the Get Help page on this website and complete the provided form. Include your name, email address, shipping address, and phone number just in case we need to call and clarify exactly what part(s) you may be missing. Once we’ve determined the correct part, we’ll do our best to send you a replacement as soon as we can.

I have owned this particular Wald product for decades and need to replace it, is it still available for purchase?
Always check with your local dealer(s) first to see if they have any remaining old stock or can recommend a suitable new Wald product as a replacement.

I mistakenly purchased the incorrect Wald basket/training wheels/etc. product and it will not fit my bike, what should I do?
The quickest resolution is for you to return the product to the dealer/retailer you purchased it from and exchange it for the correct product. Many times, it’s helpful if you take your bike with you so the shop staff can take adequate measurements and order the correct product. If you don’t have a local dealer close by, drop us a line through the Get Help page and we’ll see if we can work something out to your satisfaction. We are happy to work with you in order to identify the correct Wald product to meet your needs.

I have {insert brand and model of bicycle} and I’m interested in purchasing one of your baskets, training wheels, fenders, rack, etc. for it. How do I know if it will fit?
Take your bike into your local bicycle shop so they can take proper measurements and make a recommendation. Even if they have to order the correct part, they can install it for you and make certain it works properly and will be safe to use.

How do I install my Wald basket, training wheels, fenders, rack, etc.?
Generally, the best option is to have your local bike shop install your product(s) at the time of purchase. However, for all the do-it-yourselfers out there, you can find installation instructions for our products under the Guides/Downloads section of our website. Once you find the guide for the product you’ve purchased, simply download the PDF file and follow the instructions.

Can I purchase Wald products directly from Wald?
Wald wants to support local bicycle shops as much as possible.  So with this in mind,  we encourage consumers to check with your local independent bicycle dealer to see if they have the Wald product(s) you are searching for.  Besides, the shop might install it for you for free when you purchase the product(s) and that can make life just that much easier.

However, we do understand that not everyone has a local bicycle shop or Wald dealer close by.  In order to meet these needs, we have selected a few of our most popular products and feature them in our product catalog for purchasing.

Where can I find/purchase Wald products?
Wald products are available through almost any of the 4,400 independent bicycle dealers across the country. Our products are distributed by 38 national and regional bicycle distribution companies and can be ordered by any bike shop that uses these distributors.

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