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Our Philosophy

Welcome to Wald, the cyclist’s source for quality bicycle baskets, training wheels, racks, and bicycle accessories.

We believe in the power of the bicycle. Our first patent in 1905 was for an innovative tire repair tool that kept cyclists on the road. Over 200 patents later, we’re still helping bicycle commuters, recreational riders, delivery workers, and alley cats get the most from their bikes.

The joy two wheels can bring may be unique for each individual, but those two wheels allow people from separate backgrounds, neighborhoods, and communities to find common ground. Without our bikes, in many cases, we simply wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

Wald strives to produce useful and reliable baskets, fenders, racks, training wheels, and many more accessories to help your bicycle serve your needs. So no matter what your bike is used for, we hope you’ll find our site useful and keep your two wheels spinning for many years to come.

Welcome to What will you put in your basket?

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