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1014 and 1033 Basket Holder


Every once in a while, the unfortunate happens to us all. With bikes this typically comes in the form of collision damage or theft of our beloved two-wheelers.

Many times, this results in Wald baskets becoming separated from their holders. When this tragedy occurs, our trusty handlebar mounts are ready to fill the void.

Top hooks require 5.25 inches of flat handlebar area to mount properly. Top hooks fit handlebars up to .875 inches (22.225 mm) in diameter. Holder provides approximately 1.5 inches of clearance between bicycle basket and handlebar.

Holder fits both 114 and 133 baskets and is available in Gloss Black (1014GB, 1033GB) or White (1014WH, 1033WH) finish.

Price: $21.50 each, includes shipping & handling.

Notice: To place international order (outside of U.S.) – Call 1-606-564-4078.

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